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Making money online with BLOGGING is now easier, if you can invest just 3 hours daily on the internet, not minding the time of the day. You could easily make $500 directly into your bank account using the power of BLOGS- in fact, using free blogs just like mine. Hence you will be making this cash with a $0 capital. YES, I SAID SO!
In this article, I will be showing you exactly how you can BUILD your own blog, create TRAFFIC to it and MONETIZE your blog. If you have been thinking of how to start your own internet biz, then this article is for you.
In summary, a blog is a website that we use to provide information on the internet and make money without having to work 9am to 5pm. BlogSpot is a blogging medium provided by Google that enables us create free BLOGGER web logs.
Now I am going to teach you how to create your own free website that you would need to make money online, and here it comes!
Create a New Email First, You need to open a new email address (if you don’t have one) that would serve as your username for logging into your BLOGGER.COM account. A Gmail account is preferable for this purpose, but you may also use any other email provider such as Yahoo, ovimai, AOL, etc. So if you don’t have an email address, click GMAIL and create one, it’s as easy as ABC
Create a Blogger Account
You will need to open a free blogger account at blogger using your email address and password as your login detail. To make things easier, I advise you use a Gmail account.
In order to get started with Blogger, First go to the Blogger homepage, and click the "Create Your Blog Now" button close to the top right hand corner. On the next page (that is the page that follows), fill the form you see. (If you are using Gmail, click the Sign in link at the top right hand corner of the form. Note: Look to the right for instructions about each box you will fill in. Enter your email address (preferably Gmail) and its password in the spaces provided for such. Display Name is the name that appears after each post you make. Finally, type in the word verification as it appears and click on the empty box to accept Blogger's Terms of Service. Then click the red button that says 'Continue'. Once you're done with this, you'll be prompted to Create a Blog and get started! The next page Says: Name Your Blog For Blog Title, type ‘’MY FIRST EVER BLOGSPOT’’. (You can change this later, so don’t worry) For blog address (URL): This is where you choose how you want your BlogSpot to be called, maybe or etc. Alternatively, for the purpose of this class, type your full name, (Don't worry, this can also be changed later)                                         For instance my name is peter ugbe, so I will write peterugbe (that is in small case letters and without any space.) as my URL. Next: Click on check availability and wait for confirmation if it says Sorry, this blog address is not available, then add 812 to your name, so for me it will now be peterugb812 Then click on check availability again and wait for confirmation and if it says: This blog address is available.
Then Click the 'Continue' button. You are taking to the Choose a template page. Just scroll down and click Continue. (Do not worry! you will soon learn how to design the blog soon.) The next page should say:
Your blog has been created!
Click the Start Blogging button you see below and wait for the next page to load completely.
Now you are required to make your first post. So in the box called Title: Write this My First Post Next, click inside the bigger box and write this: "I am making my first post now and hopefully the next time I will make another post, I will have learnt so much about blogging from" Then click the red button PUBLISH POST. The next page confirms by saying: Your blog post published successfully! Click on the link View Blog and what you see in the page is your own blog. Hurray! Your blog is available for the world to see. But, not yet ready.
In our subsequent posts we will be teaching you how to use Blogger to upload picture, video etc and how to drive traffic to blog for free and making money from it. Meanwhile, feel free to explore blogger and learn as much as you can. For further study go to Google Help. If you have any issues kindly drop your comments and we will do our best to get back to you.